Kathy McLamb – “Exploring Life and Art…” : December 3 – 30, 2015.

K McLamb Koi Pond

Our latest exhibit is a beautiful display by Wallingford artist, Kathy McLamb.  She describes her painting as a “process of constant discovery” that occurs in two different styles: still-life and landscape paintings inspired by her late mother, whose paint brushes and art materials she still uses; and abstract acrylic paintings and collages in which she can express herself in “color, form and line.” She describes the Art Centers in the Philadelphia area as wonderful resources in which she has been able to learn from and be inspired by various teachers.

K McLamb Tea for Two

Ms. McLamb’s paintings have been exhibited locally in area venues, including the Community Arts Center in Wallingford, and have received awards from local arts centers.

The public is invited to the artist’s reception on Saturday December 5 from 2 to 4 pm, at Swarthmore Borough Hall.  The exhibit and reception are both free and open to the public.

A Few Steps “Water, Water, Everywhere”: November 11- December 1st.

Lazaretto Sunset, William Menke
“Lazaretto Sunset”, by William Menke

An Exhibit of photos from a contest sponsored by A Few Steps, will be in on display for the month of November in Swarthmore Borough Hall. A Few Steps hopes that this contest will get the community thinking about water – its value, the growing scarcity and our role in preserving and maintaining this resource.  There are many ways that our community can work towards helping to keep our water both available and clean.

The View from my Window, Bobbie Harvey
“The View from my Window”, by Bobbie Harvey

For more information visit A Few Steps website, http://www.afewsteps.org.

19th Annual Group Photography Show

DSCF7174 (2)

The latest exhibit ready for your viewing pleasure is entitled “Celebrate Swarthmore Photographers”. It is the 19th annual exhibit of Swarthmore photographers and runs from October 1st through November 1st.

Lost canal by the Susquehana

This show reflects a wide variety of perspectives and subject matter presented by a diverse local group of photographers, which includes both amateurs and professionals.

%22Beach Bike%22 By Patti Kelly

If you find yourself in Swarthmore during the month of October, pop on over to Borough Hall and treat yourself to this beautiful show.

Delaware Valley Collage Collaborative: September 2 – 27, 2015.

The newest exhibit to be on display is entitled “Remembrance,” which presents selected works from the Delaware Valley Collage Collaborative, a group of nine artists working in mixed media.

Detail_M. Byers
Detail of mixed media work by Martha Bryans

The group describes itself as having come together by serendipity at a workshop in the winter of 2011, and has grown from an informal gathering of art-minded women to an energetic presence that exhibits in a variety of Philadelphia-area galleries and public institutions. In 2014, the group ran a series of collage workshops in ten different Philadelphia venues, including the Veterans’ Administration, with the goal of teaching disadvantaged youth and adults how to express themselves through art.  They also host collage workshops throughout the Delaware Valley, and have exhibited in a variety of local venues including St. Asaph’s Church Gallery and a number of area libraries.


“Nice” by Arlene Solomon

The group consists of the following 9 members, all of whom share the goals of promoting individual and collective artistic growth, promoting mixed media/collage as a vibrant art form, and incorporating art into community service:  Ann Breinig, Martha Bryans, Virginia Conover, Linnie Greenberg, Donna Meyers, Maxine Rosen, Arelene Solomon, Candace Stoudt and Prillie Bohlen.

This exhibit of varied mixed media collage works by the Delaware Valley Collage Collaborative will be on display from September 2 to 27, 2015 at Swarthmore Borough Hall, 121 Park Avenue, Swarthmore, PA. The exhibit is free and open to the public.

MCGOPA Summer Exhibition: August 2- 30, 2015.

Lobster Floats on Monhegan Island
“Lobster Floats on Monhegan Island” by Deb Northey

The Montgomery County Guild of Professional Artists is in their 17th year as a co-operative, non-profit arts organization in the Greater Philadelphia Area. On view at Swarthmore Borough Hall during the month of August and sponsored by The Swarthmore Friends of the Arts, this unique exhibition will feature the work of twenty of MCGOPA’s artists working in a variety of mediums.

Exhibiting artists include: Millie Becker, John A. Benigno, Julie Bortnick, Alice K. Chung, Perky Cohen, Lucretia D. Coleman, Virginia Conover, Karen Love Cooler, Linnie Greenberg, Greg Hunt, Barbara Glickman, May Lomax, Pam McLean-Parker, Gail Morrison-Hall, Deb Northey, Rinal Parikh, Dae Rebeck Sanchez, Naomi Rubin, Irma Shapiro, Georgene Taylor, Louise Charles and Priscilla Bohlen.

“On The Way” By Alice K. Chung

An artists’ reception is scheduled for Friday, August 7 from 5:30-7:30PM; the event is open to the public and has been scheduled as part of Swarthmore’s “First Friday.”

Stop It
“Stop It”

In addition to the exhibit, The Swarthmore Public Library is hosting The MCGOPA Speaker Series on three consecutive Wednesday afternoons during the course of the exhibition.  Participating MCGOPA artists will present their work, their perspective on the arts and their personal expertise in arts during these one hour presentations on August 12th, 19th and 26th.  Presentations include talks by Karen Love Cooler, Linnie Greenberg, Rinal Parikh, Perky Cohen and Pam McLean-Parker.  John A. Benigno will be presenting “When Photography Becomes Art” and Millie Becker will be delivering an encaustic demonstration.  All presentations are open to the public.

Contact Pam McLean-Parker, MCGOPA Director for additional information at mcgopa_art@yahoo.com, 610.265.6963 and www.mcgopa.org.

By Rinal Parikh

Bonnie-Ann Burnett – “Stone of St. David’s” : July 1 through August 2, 2015

Rose Point (b_w)

An exhibition of original photographs and ceramic work by Swarthmore-area photographer, ceramic artist and writer Bonnie-Ann Burnett will be on display from July 1 through August 2, 2015 at Swarthmore Borough Hall, 121 Park Avenue, Swarthmore.  The public is invited to the artist’s opening reception on Friday July 10 from 5 to 9 pm.  Both the exhibit and the opening are free and open to the public.


The exhibit, entitled “Stone of Saint David’s,” presents photographs taken by Ms. Burnett of the rocks along the ancient Welsh coast during the days just after her father’s death.  In describing the impetus for the works forming the show, she says, “this daughter’s shattered heart found solace among the shattered rock of the Pembrokeshire coast, their incredible variety and vibrant colors. This current exhibit, Stone of St. Davids, is my love song to these stones, and my thank you to my father,” a father whom she credits with teaching her to look carefully and to listen for the stories within the stones.  A large format, hardcover book edition of this exhibit, suitable for display, will be available for sale at the opening, and later by request.  Also included in the exhibit will be some of her organically shaped, hand-formed clay vessels, made from locally dug clay.


This is Ms. Burnett’s first solo exhibit of her photography, though her images of Michigan woodlands, western prairie and Alaska wilderness have been included in National Park calendars, various journals, and environmental education exhibits across the country. She describes her work as spontaneous, and shaped by decades of “looking closely at what most others overlook”.

In describing her lifelong affinity for stones, she says: “Long ago I learned that stones hold stories. They hold arguably the most important stories of this planet. Their layers speak of hundreds of thousand of years of settling sediments, their crystals speak of the slow cooling from liquid to solid. Their cracks speak of unfathomable pressure. Their upendedness tells stories of violent upheaval. Each stone has a life history that shows through its weathering, its cracking and crumbling, its crevices that invite new life to take root. What we see today is but a moment in…its long, slow life…These stone stories engage my heart….especially the truth of how hard [life] can be, and what beauty can come from breaking.”


Now a Delaware County resident, she describes herself as having been raised as a child in Michigan, “on the edge of disappearing farmland”. She “ran away from her corporate career as a scientist to follow [her] childhood dream of being a National Park Ranger,” spent time among the prairies and rocks of The Black Hills, and later moved to Alaska, to live on the edge of the wilderness, “hiking among bear and wolf, living among the stones, and working at Denali National Park.” After relocating to Pennsylvania in 1999 she began a fine gardening company, Earthdance Garden Care, which has been tending gardens along the Main Line and in Delaware County for the past 11 years.  Her most recent metamorphosis is as a ceramic artist, photographer and writer. Examples of her work can be found on her website bonnieannburnett.com.

19th Annual Group Exhibition: May 13 – June 28, 2015


An exhibition of original art work by area artists from Swarthmore, Rutledge and Wallingford will be on display at Swarthmore Borough Hall, 121 Park Avenue, Swarthmore. The artists reception was a wonderful event. Art, food, wine, friends and local musician, Alex entertaining us on his mandolin.


The exhibit is the 19th annual exhibit of Swarthmore area artists presented by the Swarthmore Friends of the Arts in the Swarthmore Borough Hall venue.  The show reflects a wide variety of perspectives, media and subject matter presented by a diverse local group of artists, which includes both amateurs and professionals.

Exhibitors include: Susan Lawson, Wayne Brown, Jeanne Lovern, Duffy Moffett, Rinal Parikh, Bobbie Davis, Susan Raab, Carol Seymour, Siv Spurgeon, Dee Battisti, Sean Roach, Mimi Muhlenberg, Marge Gillis, Clair Oaks, Lora Lavin, Jan Rutenberg, Alicia Nock, Lauren McKinney, Polly Bech, Kim Scott, Christopher Ray, Sonia Sherrod, Brit Ray, Jewel Mondros, Christa Basilevsky and Martha Perkins.

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Rose Marie Cunniffe – “Enchanted Places” : April 3rd – May 4th, 2015

An exhibition of acrylic paintings by area artist Rose Marie Cunniffe will be on display at Swarthmore Borough Hall, 121 Park Avenue, Swarthmore, from April 3 to May 4, 2015. The public is invited to the artist’s reception on Friday April 10 from 6 to 8 pm.  The reception and the exhibit are both free and open to the public.


The exhibit is entitled “Enchanted Places” and presents the paintings of Ms. Cunniffe, who has been called “a secret Delaware County treasure.”  A largely self-taught artist whose nature-based abstractions are built slowly, layer by layer. Ms. Cunniffe lives in Holmes and was born, raised and educated in Philadelphia.  She says, “I paint until a shape or color strikes a chord, and then the work begins. Eventually the painting tells a story and the canvas itself has a history.” Personal memories also play a role in her work. “In the process I strive for grace, a restrained sense of humor and the lyrical feeling that satisfies my sensibilities.”

Despite Ms. Cunniffe saying that she came to art later in life than most, her work has been included in more than 200 solo, group and juried exhibitions, including venues as varied as the Philadelphia Art Alliance; Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, Wilmington; Widener University; West Chester University; Penn State University, Malvern and Media campuses; Art of the State, Harrisburg; U.S. Artists American Fine Art Show (with Dolan/Maxwell Gallery); Philadelphia Sketch Club; Main Line Art Center, Haverford; and  the Wallingford Community Arts Center, where she is a member of the Exhibition Committee and has been active in curating and installing shows for more than 30 years. Her most distant exhibition was in Ireland, where she received two fellowships to live and paint at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation in County Mayo.

Ms. Cunniffe’s work has also been selected for many individual and corporate collections, including QVC, The Scullin Group, Philadelphia Arts and Business Council, the Community Arts Center in Wallingford, PA, Astra-Zeneca and The Ballinglen Archive.

 The artist hopes that her work inspires people to find meaning in her paintings and hopes to encourage “thinking and feeling and looking, and especially finding.”  Examples of her work can be found on her website, rmcunniffe.com.

Paul Downie – “Many Lives” : March 4th – 29th, 2015

An exhibition of drawings and paintings by area artist Paul Downie will be on display from March 4 to 29, 2015 at Swarthmore Borough Hall, 121 Park Avenue, Swarthmore.  The public is invited to the artist’s reception, which will include live music performed by the artist and friends, on Friday March 6 from 6 to 8 pm.  The reception and the exhibit are both free and open to the public.


The exhibit, entitled “Many Lives”, presents the work of Mr. Downie, a Wynnewood artist, musician, educator and arts administrator who, in addition to his ongoing artistic work, currently serves as the Executive Director at the Community Art Center in Wallingford. He describes his work as being of the visionary and intuitive style, “with a focus on sacred geometry and the intuitive depiction of energy.”  He lists his primary artistic influences as Indian and Ethiopian painting styles, as well as the work of other contemporary urban, visionary and intuitive artists.

Of his approach to art, Mr. Downie states that he “seeks to depict the mystical world that constantly surrounds us, but that we rarely choose to acknowledge. [The goal is] to make tangible the things that appear in the mind’s eye as a part of universal experience. “

In addition to creating studio art, Mr. Downie is a muralist and since 2005 has painted over 30 murals in Philadelphia, as part of the Mural Arts Program, and in Chester.  He earned an M.Ed. from Tyler School of Art, where he has been an adjunct instructor; he has also served as an adjunct instructor at Delaware County Community College.  Prior to becoming the Executive Director at the Community Arts Center, he served there as the Program Director for 2 years.  He lives in Wynnewood with his wife and daughter.

More examples of his work can be found on his website, www.eyeineye.com.